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Attendee and Exhibitor Punch Cards (Shoppers and Exhibitors):

Attendee Punch Card -

All That & More Events MN (ATAMEventsMN from here on) would like to show our THANKS to all of you who come out and attend our "located venue events" (a located venue event is an event happening at a rented hall/room in a brick and mortar building) and also to those who become a Shopper in our "24/7 Event" by handing out our Attendee Punch Cards at each event.  After attending any 10 of our events**, purchasing full adult admission (usually $2.00) at each of those events and receiving 10 punches on one Punch Card (the punches have to be on one card only - no combining cards), turn in this Punch Card to receive $2.00 off the adult admission at the next event you join us at or $2.00 off a 30-Day Subscription to our "24/7 Event" where you are creating your own personal event experience by choosing from our "24/7 Event" subscribing Exhibitors.

**This includes our amazing "24/7 Event" as well - purchase a 30-Day Subscription ($10.00) to this virtual event and that will equal one punch on the card.  Because the "24/7 Event" is a virtual event, ATAMEventsMN will be keeping track of these punches in our office - all other "located venue events" you attend you will have to bring the Attendee Punch Card with you to receive your punches.

At the event you use your "completed" Punch Card to receive your $2.00 discount off admission, there will not be a Punch Card with a punch handed out.  This will happen again at the next event you attend and pay full adult admission.

Please do not lose your Attendee Punch Card.  ATAMEventsMN will not be able to replace it or the number of punches it had on it.  We will only be able to start up a NEW Punch Card.

Exhibitor Punch Card -

ATAMEventsMN would like to show our appreciation for an Exhibitor choosing to showcase their specialties, their products and services with us at our "located venue events" and also to those who become an Exhibitor in our new "24/7 Event".  To do this, we will be handing out our Exhibitor Punch Cards and after participating in any 10 events**, paying for table/display space and receiving 10 punches on one Punch Card (the punches have to be on one card only - no combining cards), turn in this Punch Card ($25.00 value) to receive $25.00 off table/display space at the next event you join us at as an Exhibitor.  If table/space costs more than $25.00 at any given event and you are turning in a Punch Card, the amount exceeding this $25.00 is the Exhibitor's responsibility to pay.

**This includes our amazing "24/7 Event" as well - purchase a 30-Day Subscription ($30.00) to this virtual event and that will equal one punch on the card.  Because the "24/7 Event" is a virtual event, ATAMEventsMN will be keeping track of these punches in our office - all other "located venue events" you participate in, you will have to bring the Exhibitor Punch Card with you to receive your punches.

At the event you use your "completed" Punch Card to receive your $25.00 discount off the table/display space, there will not be a Punch Card with a punch handed out.  This will happen again at the next event when you purchase table/display space at the regular amount.

Please do not lose your Exhibitor Punch Card.  ATAMEventsMN will not be able to replace it or the number of punches it had on it.  We will only be able to start up a NEW Punch Card.

If after paying for table/display space at an event and this person/business "sublets" the space to someone else, the "subletter" will receive the Punch Card and/or punch only.

24/7 Event (Shoppers and Exhibitors):

Setting up your own personal virtual event experience -

Shoppers please refrain from contacting the Exhibitors (excluding emails) outside of their listed schedule times or times agreed upon between both parties.  Abuse and/or harrassment reported will cancel subscriptions immediately without refunds.

If either Shopper or Exhibitor has scheduled a video chat session and you have to cancel or reschedule PLEASE inform parties involved as soon as you can so they can adjust their day's activities accordingly and/or schedule a video chat event session with someone else.  We don't want to keep either side hanging and we have to respect each other's lives and schedules.

Providing telephone numbers between the Exhibitors and Shoppers is solely up to those parties involved.  Our ATAMEventsMN staff will NOT be providing this information and we suggest that you communicate through emails until both parties feel comfortable and secure with sharing more personal information.

During your "virtual event", Shoppers and Exhibitors please be sure to discuss how to purchase and receive items (meet at an agreed upon spot, ship it, etc.) and any applicable sales tax necessary, at this time.  **VERY IMPORTANT**  PLEASE be sure to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING so we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Reserving Exhibitor Space at a Located Venue Event (Exhibitors only): 

Please review EXHIBITOR Terms and Conditions

Please send your completed and signed application, completed and signed Form ST-19 and payment no later than 2 weeks prior to each "located venue event" (excludes the 24/7 Event) to receive any applicable discounts and to reserve your table(s)/display spaces(s) while space is still available.  Reserving your space in advance allows ATAMEventsMN time to plan and provide adequate room and walking area for each Exhibitor and event Attendees. 

If there is still space available the day of the event, it will be available - first come, first served.  Application, Form ST-19 and full payment (no discounts) will be due before set up can begin. 

Applications (Exhibitors only):

We have tried to make the application as simple as possible to complete, but if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Participation in any ATAMEventsMN event is subject to our final approval so please, only 1 business per application and reserved tables/spaces.  Please conduct your business transactions in this area only.

Please be sure to list all products and services on the application or attached sheet of paper if additional space is necessary.  ATAMEventsMN reserves the right to stop the sale of any and all items not listed and approved for sale.

Please be sure to sell/represent products you are authorized to sell ONLY.  If it comes to ATAMEventsMN's attention that someone is selling products, offering services or anything else along these lines without permission, they will be asked to leave any event (includes the 24/7 Event) immediately without refunds.

Cancellations for a Located Venue Event (Exhibitors only):

If for some reason you, the Exhibitor, must cancel a located venue event reservation - please do so no later than 2 weeks PRIOR to the event date to receive a partial refund** (there will be a $10.00 processing fee deducted from the payment received).  There will be no refunds after the beginning of this 2 week period before an event.

**Please see the "Subletting" information below for a possible option.

Subletting at a Located Venue Event (Exhibitors only):

We at ATAMEventsMN understand "life happens" and no one can foresee or predict a situation arising that would keep you from participating in a located venue event you have paid for.  We do not want to return just a partial refund for cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to an event or have them become non-refundable within the 2 weeks before the event, that is why we are going to try it out and we are going to allow subletting tables/spaces "at this time".  If at any time it becomes a problem, ATAMEventsMN can terminate this subletting option.

If for some reason an Exhibitor or anyone else who acts as the representative for this reserved event space cannot attend, it is your responsibility (name on the completed application) to contact ATAMEventsMN PRIOR to the event to inform us that you intend to sublet the space.  Unfortunately, if you haven't contacted us at least 48 hours prior to the event, it will be viewed as a cancellation and ATAMEventsMN reserves the right to resell that exhibit space and the original Exhibitor relinquishes all table/display space fees.

When the person/business who will be subletting a reserved space has been agreed upon by ATAMEventsMN, a completed Application and Form ST-19 from that person/business will have to be submitted before set up can begin.

Also, ATAMEventsMN is attempting to provide a variety of products and services at each event for both Attendees and the Exhibitors.  Attendees have fun browsing and choosing from a plethora of products and services and the Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase them without numerous Exhibitors selling duplicate items even at our themed events (i.e. 2 Scentsy, 2 Tastefully Simple, 2 Mary Kay businesses, etc. selling at the same event).  So please, that is why it is very important that you contact us prior to subletting space.  If we don't hear from you and this does happen, ATAMEventsMN reserves the right to ask the person(s) subletting your space to leave the event relinquishing all rental fees.

Set Up at a Located Venue Event (Exhibitors only):

Set up times will be listed for each event.  Moving in after the event begins will not be allowed so please plan accordingly - you will be asked to leave forfeiting your table/space rental fees.

Pets are NOT allowed at set up or at any located venue event - this includes the Pet Product Party/Expo also.  In the future, maybe this particular event (Pet Product Expo) will allow pets, but at this time it will be a product and services event only - NO pets.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Any children brought with the Exhibitor must be under supervision at all times.  Unfortunately, set up and/or an event may be rather boring for children at times so please bring something along for them to do.  We have to be aware and respect fellow Exhibitor's property also.

Each Exhibitor is responsible for bringing everything they need for the event, which includes but is not limited to, an extension cord if electricity is required (we will do our best to position you as close to an outlet as possible) and other equipment, displays, tools, etc. needed to present their items/services at our events.

Exhibitors are responsible for tablecloth(s) to cover their table(s).

Exhibitors may not attach anything to the walls.

Exhibitors are responsible for disposing of trash properly and keeping the rented area clean please.

Every display and exhibit must comply with all the rules of the city's Fire Department and please keep all Fire Exits open for easy access.

No firearms or other weapons of any type, smoking, drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the building or on the premises (exception would be cigarettes smoked outside of the building if it is allowed) during set up, the event or while breaking down and going home.

Advertising (Exhibitors only):

ATAMEventsMN would like to use Exhibitor's names, website (if available) and pertinent contact information in event advertising - please let us know if you would rather not have this information disclosed.

ATAMEventsMN would also like to encourage the Exhibitors to use any and all advertising materials provided by ATAMEventsMN and to utilize the different social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) options available to make these events successful and fun for all involved.

Liability (Attendees and Exhibitors):

Firstly, ATAMEventsMN appreciates your understanding when we address "liability" here because as an Exhibitor and as a Shopper/Attendee you probably are already aware of all that will be stated and secondly, we apologize for any redundancy.

ATAMEventsMN and staff are not responsible for business transactions between buyers and sellers, including but not limited to, bad checks, taxes, misrepresentation, etc.

ATAMEventsMN and staff are not responsible for merchandise, displays, exhibits, etc. belonging to Exhibitors.  Please protect yourself, your display and your merchandise accordingly.

Attendees, Exhibitors and their staff, family and friends will be required to follow all applicable laws, ordinances, exhibition rules and regulations and terms of the lease between ATAMEventsMN and the building/facility owner at any of our "located venue events".

ATAMEventsMN, our staff and all building/facility staff and owners shall not be held liable for any claim or monetary loss of any type sustained by Attendees, Exhibitors and their staff/emplyees, representatives, guests or family members for any damage, loss, injury from fire, smoke, electricity, storm, riot, theft or any other cause including but not limited to accidents, event cancellation caused by the building owner or any third party due to circumstances beyond ATAMEventsMN's control at any of our "located venue events".

Attendees, Exhibitors and their staff understand that any event involves inherent risks and are aware that certain dangers may occur, including but not limited to, negligence on their part or the negligence of someone else and/or the negligence of anyone acting on behalf of ATAMEventsMN and the building/property the event is being held at - ATAMEventsMN and staff shall not be held liable.

Simply stated, ATAMEventsMN and staff shall not be held liable for damage, injury, illness or theft to any person or property for any cause whatsoever.

Payments for Event space, 30-Day Subscriptions and/or Products (Shoppers and Exhibitors):

At this time, ATAMEventsMN accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, money orders and checks (there will be a waiting period of 5-10 days for the check to process and clear the bank before Event space can be assigned, 30-Day Subscriptions can begin and/or product orders will be shipped).  I sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause anyone.  Returned checks will incur a $30.00 handling fee that will have to be paid before any order can be shipped or set up can begin at our ATAMEventsMN events (this includes our "24/7 Event").  Orders placed online through the Shopping Cart feature DO NOT include the exact shipping cost, a non-refundable handling fee ($1.75) or applicable MN sales tax at the time an order is placed.  The Shopping Cart is a way to receive your credit card and billing information securely.....the charges will be added at the time of shipping and that is when your credit card will be charged manually here in our ATAMEventsMN office.

Please provide current and accurate shipping and billing information.  Customers providing inaccurate credit card and/or billing information when completing the Shopping Cart process online or when buying items at the events, which causes the transaction to be declined, will incur an additional $5.00 charge.  Also, not until ATAMEventsMN can obtain the correct information for an order placed online, will the order be shipped.  If items are purchased at an event and the transaction is declined later by the customer - legal action can be and will be pursued if the situation cannot be corrected immediately without additional help.

Shipping/Handling -

Most orders will be shipped within 48-72 hours.  Please email or phone us if you would rather use express delivery or any other questions you may have.  Also, feel free to contact our office if you would like to know exact shipping charges before shipping and the credit card is charged.  ATAMEventsMN will always research the most economical way to ship everyone's individual orders and that is why we don't put an arbitrary price on the site (for example, shipping a $3.50 bottle of Bowser Beer will cost more than shipping a $3.50 YEOWWW Catnip Toy due to the weight.....Bowser Beer and YEOWWW Toys are no longer available.  Also, shipping to California vs. somewhere located nearby would be a different price).

Returns/Refunds -

If any items are damaged during shipping (ALL items are inspected before they are properly packaged and shipped) and a replacement/refund* is necessary - please call, email or inform our office in a letter before returning to explain the problem.  Please do this within 30 days of receiving your order.  Also, all returned products must be received here in our ATAMEventsMN office before replacements will be shipped out.  If for some reason, the order is returned UNOPENED, there will be a $10.00 non-refundable restocking fee charged to the Shopper (all shipping and handling charges will still stand and will not be refunded - only the cost of the product will be refunded and the additional $10.00 restocking fee will be charged - so PLEASE be sure you provide accurate billing and shipping information at the time you place your order to avoid these added costs).

*Shipping/handling will not be included in the refund amount agreed upon by ATAMEventsMN and the Shopper.  Also, ATAMEVentsMN is not responsible for the shipping/handling charges incurred by the Shopper to return the item.

Privacy (Exhibitors and Shoppers):

ATAMEventsMN will never share Exhibitor's or Shopper's email addresses (except for our 24/7 Event), telephone numbers or any other information with anyone else without permission, unless a "legal" matter arises.

ATAMEventsMN will not spam you and we will not send you information that doesn't pertain to our events and website.

If ATAMEventsMN finds any Exhibitor or Shopper in violation of these Terms and Conditions or if "conflicts" arise, they will be required to leave our event immediately and will relinquish all table/space rental fees and/or 30-Day Subscription fees.