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Click for a larger photo of the Congo African Grey Bobblebird
Hide and Seek Skeet - Find Skeet Contest
Find Skeet Contest

Our All That and More Events MN mosquito mascot "Skeet" is everywhere on this website, simply find him on all the pages AND linked pages, count how many of him there are and win a Congo African Grey Bobblebird** from our sister company
The Silly Parrot - you just cover the shipping and handling and it is yours!

1)  Find and count all of the Skeets here on this website.....on this
webpage alone, there are 2.  None are hidden, they are all visible.
2)  Email us with how many you have found and your zip code (if you
would like to know how much shipping and handling will be).  We
always compare shipping costs and choose the most economical
way possible to ship - so shipping will be the exact amount plus a $1.75 handling fee.
3)  We'll email you back to let you know if you have the correct number of Skeets.  If you do, just proceed by clicking on the "add to cart" link below to order it through our secure shopping cart.  We have to place an amount with the Bobblebird so it will be the $1.75 handling fee.  We won't know what the shipping cost will be until you fill in your credit card, billing and shipping information - once we have that, we will charge the shipping cost (plus the $1.75 handling fee) to your credit card when we are ready to ship.  Nothing gets charged "automatically" through the shopping cart, only manually in our office.  The shopping cart is just a way to receive your information securely.  If you prefer to pay by check, we will ship once the 5-10 business days pass to process the check through the bank. There will be a $30.00 fee for any returned checks.
4)  That's it.....have fun!!!   
**One Bobblebird per family please.