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Becoming an Exhibitor at a "Located Venue Event"

We are excited to have all Exhibitors join us at our upcoming events - please start the process here (unless you are joining our "Home Is Where The Heart Is - 24/7 Event") - those instructions are located in the "24/7 Event" information).....
To become an Exhibitor, please follow these simple steps:

1)  Call or email us with....
    a)  Your name and business name.
    b)  The name of the upcoming event you are interested in.
    c)  The event location.
    c)  The date of the event.
    e)  Your table/space requirements (how many tables? how much space in 5'x5' increments?).  You will find the event details (such as table length, set up times, etc.) on that event's web page - just click on the Exhibitor's Info link.

2)  Table sizes may vary from event to event.  Also, table/display space rental fees and discounts may vary from event to event depending on the venue.  With the above information, All That & More Events MN and the Exhibitor will determine the rental fee with applicable discounts (when you reserve multiple tables and/or display spaces and payment is received PRIOR to 2 weeks of the event date, after this time unfortunately there are no discounts no matter how much space is rented).

3) Please review the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions.

4)  Complete and sign the Exhibitor Application.

5)  Complete and sign the Form ST-19 even if you are not selling anything at the event.

6)  Submit the Application, Form ST-19 and make payment to receive your space reservation confirmation.

If paying by check, please make the check* out to:  All That and More Events MN.
*There will be a $30.00 returned check fee

Our mailing address:  All That and More Events MN
                                 20941 Rendova St. NE
                                 East Bethel, MN  55011

We also offer the option to pay by credit card through our secure shopping cart, by email or by phone, whichever way you prefer.

Our phone number:  (612) 412-2241 (please call between 9am - 5pm CST)

Our email addresses: or