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24/7 EVENT - SHOPPERS as I mentioned on the 24/7 Event - Exhibitor's webpage.....
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             Regarding COVID-19 and Social Distancing:  Let's start taking our lives back from COVID-19!!
The TIME IS HERE and it's NOW!!!  With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ferociously taking our friends and family, trying to cripple our livelihoods and bring us to our knees, we are at a place where "Social Distancing" is crucial to help eliminate this horrific COVID-19 virus!

Hi, my name is Desiree and I want to share with you what started all of this for me.....As an Exhibitor and a Shopper, I created this innovative shopping experience called "Home Is Where The Heart Is - 24/7 Event" because I wanted to bring Shoppers and Exhibitors together WITHOUT having to be at the same "venue event location" at the designated times and on the designated dates.  I felt it was time for a change; it was time to do something different and outside of the box.....  Out with the old, boring everyday events and in with something NEW and exciting - I feel this "24/7 Event" is the perfect approach to today's fairs, craft shows, product expos, etc.  It is not only fun, it is also a much easier, more convenient way to shop and participate in events.  TODAY, with "Social Distancing" critical to saving lives, it is much safer too!!

So Shoppers.....find your "Happy Place" and shop 'til you drop!  Don't waste a minute, join our "24/7 Event" family and work smarter, not harder where we are connecting Shoppers with Exhibitors using today's technology.  You will be the boss and in charge of your own "personal event experiences" and how can it get better than that?


Before there was COVID-19, this is what I had to say about the "Home is Where the Heart Is - 24/7 Event".....

All That & More Events MN now has the perfect event for anyone and everyone!!!  Shoppers, just find your "Happy Place and Shop 'til you Drop".  Imagine being able to literally create your own "personal event experience" with Exhibitors you choose, at times that are convenient for your busy schedule and all done from your "happy place" wherever that may be whether it's at the beach, your favorite couch/chair, out on your patio on a gorgeous afternoon or even from out of state before work, during your lunch break, after work, whenever you want and however it works for you and your family.

Before our "24/7 Event", as Shoppers you would have to decide which event(s) you were going to go to this weekend out of the dozens and dozens of shows, fairs, expos, etc. going on any given day of the weekend all over the state? 

~ Have you wondered if you will like what is being showcased at the events?
~ Will there be different products and services at this event or will there be the same items displayed everywhere else?
~ Can you attend during the event hours or are there conflicting family/work plans?
~ Is it a "challenge" to get to an event whether it is a physical one, health issues, transportation issues, distance to and from the event, bad weather or weather too beautiful to not take advantage of?

~ Our "24/7 Event" now provides Shoppers who cannot attend a located event during set hours on a certain date, an opportunity to peruse through YOUnique products, artwork, services, etc. of their choosing with this new and unique way of shopping.  Shoppers create their own "personal event experience".

~ With our "24/7 Event", it doesn't matter how many other shows, events, expos, fairs, etc. are scheduled on the same exact date.

~ Our "24/7 Event" gives new meaning to the statement - "this outdoor event will go on as scheduled, rain or shine".  Who cares if it rains (or snows) now? 

~ Our "24/7 Event" allows the out-of-town Shoppers, who normally wouldn't drive long distances to attend a located event, a look at our 24/7 Event Exhibitor's products without setting foot into a vehicle.

~ Sometimes, Event Coordinators allow only so many of one type of Exhibitor (i.e. jewelry) at any given event - it doesn't matter now at our "24/7 Event".....we understand everyone is different and they like different styles of jewelry so if Shoppers want to look and compare, now they can.

~ Also, Event Coordinators only allow one representative from the Scentsy, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. businesses at any given event - since these businesses and their reps have different inventory on hand, sell different items and they are located all over.....our "24/7 Event" can provide Shoppers numerous reps for these businesses from different locations for them to choose from.

~ With our "24/7 Event", store owners/kiosk renters can now give a virtual tour of their brick and mortar stores and kiosk spaces providing our Shoppers a "peek" at a place they may have always wanted to go check out but weren't sure they wanted to drive the long distance to get there.

~ 24/7 Event Shoppers can now ask "how much is that doggy in the window?" (and any other pets that may need a new home) virtually before ever visiting in person.  Exhibitors can find their pets a new home without the sometimes long, traumatizing ride and stay at a strange event location for hours.  Pets are more secure in familiar surroundings and display their true nature in their homes vs. a strange public venue.

~ Now ANYONE can provide 24/7 Event Shoppers a look into garage sales, flea markets, farmers markets, swap meets, etc. where they might be selling garage sale items, fresh fruits/veggies, collectibles, antiques, etc.

~ Of course, our "24/7 Event" will not be replacing the located events all over the state but it will give Shoppers who couldn't attend that event, more options and opportunities to meet and chat with Exhibitors anyway.  Our "24/7 Event" works around you and not the other way around.

~ With the hustle and bustle of everyday real life, All That & More Events MN is trying to make life easier for Shoppers and Exhibitors - our "Home Is Where The Heart Is - 24/7 Event" is perfect to do that.  Please click here and let's get connected.