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24/7 EVENT - EXHIBITORS as I mentioned on the 24/7 Event - Shopper's webpage.....
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            Regarding COVID-19 and Social Distancing:   Let's start taking our lives back from COVID-19!!
The TIME IS HERE and it's NOW!!!  With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ferociously taking our friends and family, trying to cripple our livelihoods and bring us to our knees, we are at a place where "Social Distancing" is crucial to help eliminate this horrific COVID-19 virus!

Hi, my name is Desiree and I want to share with you what started all of this for me.....As an Exhibitor and a Shopper, I created this innovative shopping experience called "Home Is Where The Heart Is - 24/7 Event" because I wanted to bring Shoppers and Exhibitors together WITHOUT having to be at the same "venue event location" at the designated times and on the designated dates.  I felt it was time for a change; it was time to do something different and outside of the box.....  Out with the old, boring everyday events and in with something NEW and exciting - I feel my "24/7 Event" is the perfect approach to today's fairs, craft shows, product expos, etc.  It is not only fun, it is also a much easier, more convenient way to shop and participate in events.  TODAY, with "Social Distancing" critical to saving lives, it is much safer too!!

Exhibitors, Artisans, Crafters, Business owners, EVERYONE.....enjoy showcasing your products, designs, creations, professional services, finding pets a new home etc. in a casual setting WHEREVER and WHENEVER it works for you, your family and your business schedules.  Don't waste a minute, join our "24/7 Event" family and work smarter, not harder where we are connecting Shoppers with Exhibitors using today's technology.  You will be the boss and in charge of your own "personal event experiences" and how can it get better than that?


Before there was COVID-19, this is what I had to say about the "Home is Where the Heart Is - 24/7 Event".....

All That & More Events MN now has the perfect event for anyone and everyone!!!  Exhibitors, just find your "Happy Place" and showcase your products whenever, wherever, however it works for you and your family at our new "24/7 Event".  You can't get it more convenient or have a more casual setting then picking out your Happy Place and providing a personal virtual event experience for you and the 24/7 Event Shopper.

Exhibitors, have you just participated in an outdoor weekend event recently and wondered how you survived it?

~ You made arrangements to assure your family and pets were well taken care of throughout the weekend.
~ You packed everything you would need for the weekend into as few bins and tubs as possible (leaving only the kitchen sink behind).
~ You drove to the venue (however far away it was from you) to set up your tent and displays on Friday in whatever type of weather.
~ You hoped everything would be okay overnight.
~ You arrived at the event early Saturday morning to finish setting up.
~ You were melting in the hot and humid weather conditions as you tried to secure your tent, displays and precious products the best you could against the 15-25mph winds threatening to destroy everything and/or the impending storm had you frantically packing up, securing and/or loading up your vehicle and trailer to seek shelter.
~ You arrived at the event on Sunday, hoping everything was still standing and intact and that it was going to be a calm, beautiful and uneventful day except for everyone loving your stuff.
~ You broke down the tent, displays, etc. and you packed up everything into the vehicle/trailers but not until after 7pm when vehicles are allowed back into the park again.
~ You drove back home and unloaded everything until the next event date while preparing for the upcoming work/school week ahead.

~ Are you tired - physically exhausted?  Are you finding yourself saying "I'm just too old for this" more and more?
~ Is this your only source of income or do you do this while juggling a 40+ hour work week and taking care of your family?
~ Do you have to pay a percentage of your sales on top of the event application fee?
~ Did you miss a holiday....perhaps Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. working an event?

How many events do you do like this throughout the year?

As an Exhibitor myself, I know we love what we have to offer as business owners and representatives and we love what we have designed and created as artisans and crafters but sometimes participating in events can be very difficult for numerous reasons.....

~ Now with our "24/7 Event", you can set up your display wherever it is convenient for you and your family (office, spare room, dining room, living room, in every room of your happy place, outside on a beautiful day - literally wherever you want) and for however long you want.

~ No limitations on room and display spaces, number of tables, table sizes, hours, electricity or wifi availability, etc.  You can showcase your products, services, designs, crafts, etc. as much as or as little as you want at our "24/7 Event".

~ Our "24/7 Event" provides Exhibitors an opportunity to reach out to those Shoppers who cannot - again, for numerous reasons - attend an "event location" during set hours on any given date. 

~ Our "24/7 Event" gives new meaning to the statement - "this outdoor event will go on as scheduled, rain or shine".  Who cares if it rains (or snows) now? 

~ Our "24/7 Event" helps Exhibitors showcase their products whether there is a website or not.  With the busy schedules in all of our lives, it can be very difficult to maintain and sometimes expensive to keep these websites updated with all the new items available and also to inform everyone of the discontinued ones.

~ Already working another event?  No problem, if you want you can participate in that event while video chatting with All That and More Events MN's 24/7 Event Shoppers during slow times.  When providing your "24/7 Event" schedules, just mention that there is an event you are participating in already so the Shoppers understand you may be busy with other event attendees.

~ With our "24/7 Event", it doesn't matter how many other shows, events, expos, fairs, etc. are scheduled on the same exact date.

~ Sometimes, Event Coordinators allow only so many of one type of Exhibitor (i.e. jewelry) at any given event - it doesn't matter now at our "24/7 Event".....we understand everyone is different and they like different styles of jewelry so if Shoppers want to look and compare, now they can.

~ Also, Event Coordinators only allow one representative from the Scentsy, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc. businesses at any given event - since these businesses and their reps have different inventory on hand, sell different items and they are located all over.....our "24/7 Event" can provide you numerous reps for these businesses from different locations for you to choose from.

~ With our "24/7 Event", store owners/kiosk renters can now give a virtual tour of their brick and mortar stores and kiosk spaces providing our Shoppers a "peek" at a place they may have always wanted to go check out but weren't sure they wanted to drive the long distance to get there.

~ 24/7 Event Shoppers can now ask "how much is that doggy in the window?" (and any other pets that may need a new home) virtually before ever visiting in person.  Exhibitors can find their pets a new home without the sometimes long, traumatizing ride and stay at a strange event location for hours.  Pets are more secure in familiar surroundings and display their true nature in their homes vs. a strange public venue.

~ Now ANYONE can provide 24/7 Event Shoppers a peek into their garage sales, flea markets, farmers markets, swap meets, etc. where they might be selling garage sale items, fresh fruits/veggies, collectibles, antiques, etc.

~ Our "24/7 Event" allows the Exhibitors a chance to even reach out-of-towners who normally wouldn't drive long distances to attend a located event.

~ With our "24/7 Event" there will be no more:
Making arrangements to care for children/pets/family members while you're away
Loading/unloading product there and back at home
Driving to the venue/driving home
Setting up/breaking down displays
Worrying if the distance to an event and back warrants your time and energy
Working an outside event unless it's a beautiful day and you want to display outdoors
Being locked into an event for so many hours a day or weekend (busy event or not)
Worrying about advertising issues and not enough shoppers attending to make it worth your while
~ There are so many more reasons to add our "24/7 Event" to your event schedule - it works around you and not the other way around.

~ Of course, our "24/7 Event" will not be replacing the located events all over the state but it will give you more options and opportunities to meet and chat with Shoppers who couldn't attend that event you just worked.

~ With the hustle and bustle of everyday real life, All That & More Events MN is trying to make life easier for Exhibitors and Shoppers - our "Home Is Where The Heart Is - 24/7 Event" is perfect to do that.  Please click here and let's get connected.